Introducing the Inventory Feature: a Simple Way to Track Equipment

A simple way to track equipment

We’re excited to announce a new, simple way for group officers to track and manage their equipment.  Available on both web and mobile devices, the new inventory feature allows students to borrow items (such as a laptop, or an iPad) and check them back in when they're finished.  You never have to worry about remembering which student borrowed which item.

Search by bar codes or reference numbers

Once you’ve created all your inventory and added barcodes, you’re ready to lend!  When someone would like to borrow an item, open the CampusGroups mobile app, and just scan the barcode to be sent directly to the item page.  (No need to waste time looking through a long list of items for it.)  Alternatively, you can also enter a reference number for each item of your inventory, then search manually by name or reference: both work!

It’s easy.  On one screen, you can:

  1. add an inventory item

  2. edit it

  3. add a barcode to it

  4. check the item in

  5. check the item out

No extra devices needed

You don’t need any extra devices to use this feature; the scanner is already included. Just open the app, click the Inventory button, and start using it.  It’s that simple!

If you have any questions, please feel free to request a demo or contact us at