Customer Support - Success Stories (Feb 29th)

It is always a pleasure to read great feedback from happy users. Here are a few emails which made us smile over the past few weeks:

Jacqueline, school administrator at USC Marshall School of Business, sent this email to all student leaders:
"It’s hard to believe that a full semester has passed since we launched Student Organizations for USC Marshall using the CampusGroups platform. We are so excited to see your creativity and collaboration at work, and hope you've found this new system to be beneficial to you and your membership. We believe this platform shift has been both a positive change and a rousing success."

As we trained Lindsay from NYU Stern School of Business on Exchange Students management:
"Thank you for speaking with me today; it was very insightful, and I look forward to using Campus Groups to communicate with students."

"Awesome. Thanks! " - From Diana, school administrator at NYU Stern School of Business

As we updated an NYU Stern School of Business custom assessment:
"Thanks so much for working on the queries and getting our tool in such great shape." - Allison

As Rhonda (administrator at Cornell University Johnson School of Business), tested the Auto-Promotion feature of the CampusGroups Events module:
"Our users have begun using CG for our workshop registrations, and the Auto-Promotion feature will be very helpful when they hit their caps. We are getting good feedback from students that the registration process is better than the old one!"

"Thank you - this will be helpful." Alana from Kellogg School of Management

As we helped Lee, student leader at NYU Stern School of Business, on the design of the Stern Private Equity Conference Website:
"Thank you so much for this.  The site looks great.  We very much appreciate your quick turnaround and hard work."

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

The CG Support Team