12 Campus Spaces Students are Booking Through Room Reservations

Joe needs a small meeting room for his Data Mining group project, and WiFi is imperative. His TA needs a classroom for her upcoming lab review. And their Business Technology Club must book a space for their Annual Symposium.

Many campuses provide space for academic events, meetings and group activities, and the Room Reservations feature in CampusGroups efficiently streamlines this otherwise arduous process.

Campus resources in one centralized location

Through Room Reservations, students, officers and administrators are able to reserve or request all kinds of rooms directly from their CampusGroups accounts. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting spots students and administrators are booking through CampusGroups.   

  1. Athletic space (sports fields, gym, studio)

  2. Classrooms with audiovisual equipment

  3. Event space & halls (banquets, parties, panels, guest speakers)

  4. Conference rooms for a board meeting

  5. Meeting lounges

  6. Theaters

  7. Study rooms for small group projects

  8. Library rooms

  9. Multipurpose rooms for rehearsals, solo or group performances

  10. Reading room study desks

  11. Instrument practice room with pianos

  12. Game rooms & more!

Ready to reserve a room?

With the Room Reservations feature on CampusGroups, find available spaces on campus for your next event, lecture or group activity. Search rooms by specific date, time, room type, capacity, layout, location, and features available (wifi, video, phone, white boards, etc.). See all room reservations and availabilities in just a glance of an eye, thanks to the Rooms Grid view.

Know what's available when creating an event

When you create an event on CampusGroups, you'll be able to see which rooms are available for the date & time you selected. Filter rooms by the number of attendees you're expecting or other criteria to see only the available rooms best-suited for your needs!

Room Reservations tools are part of an optional CampusGroups feature.  If your school would like to use this customizable functionality, please contact your School CampusGroups Administrator so that this request may be made to CampusGroups.

Interested in learning more about CampusGroups? Please do not hesitate to contact us or set up a demo. We'd love to hear from you!