Law Student Clubs & Organizations: Expanding Legal Education Through Involvement

Beyond Classes and Case Books

Law school provides many unique and hands-on opportunities to prepare students for the world after graduation. Active participation on campus is a great way to build connections while developing key professional and leadership skills. Plus, your experience in on-campus organizations can be beneficial for shaping career decisions and adding relevant highlights to your resume.

Student journals, clubs, and organizations are essential forums for law students to meet new people, explore different areas of the law, and get involved in the legal community. Most law schools include groups that represent a wide variety of interests, from student publications to mock trial teams to groups focusing on politics, sports, volunteering, and even music (e.g., Law Capella).

Enrich Your Legal Education

There are numerous ways to get involved on campus: Join a club, take on an officer or editorial role, and you'll immediately increase your visibility within the legal community. Attend events to network with professionals in your chosen field. Organize a panel of speakers or an alumni mixer.

CampusGroups is dedicated to connecting law students with all of the exciting and enriching activities available to them. Your campus community platform centralizes group and event management across campus so students can easily find out what's going on around them at all times.

  • Build an engaging and collaborative community on your law school campus to help 1Ls choose extracurricular paths.
  • Manage all student organizations, communications and events to enhance the law school experience.
  • Help refine important leadership and professional skills.
  • Help future lawyers find their preferred discipline.

Key Benefits of CampusGroups:

Manage Organizations

Create an online platform to manage all organizations on campus. Build beautiful and engaging group websites for all clubs, journals, moot court, student government and departments.

Create exclusive groups to engage admitted students, 1L sections and alumni. Showcase how vibrant student life and activities are at your law school!

Quickly access all upcoming events.

Quickly access all upcoming events.

Campus-wide Events Calendar

Create a campus-wide event calendar with dynamic content generated by organizations: law symposiums, recruiter events, volunteer opportunities, tours, meetings, interviews and more. Increase and ensure attendance for programs and speakers with improved visibility, tracking capabilities and card swiping technology.

Access dashboards and key metrics to help you measure ROI of events.

Improve Communications

Reach out to students with beautifully-designed, school-branded emails and newsletters. Send mobile push notifications for reminders about meetings, events, resume workshops, mock interviews and career fairs.

Target the right audience at the right time through segmentations of your email communications, and track opens and clicks in real time.

Attendance Tracking

Check-in attendees by searching names, scanning QR codes or swiping Student ID, straight from your laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android Phone.

Maintain a record of attendance, control event access and measure interest as live attendance data is collected and uploaded instantly to your CampusGroups account. View, monitor, analyze and access reports on your data in real time, at any time.

Hosting Site for Journal Articles

Make your journals searchable and citable online. Categorize by publication date, year, publication number, volume, citations, topic, authors and individual article title.

Dedicated Event App

Create a custom web and mobile experience to help maximize your school's large-scale events, such as OCI, conferences, law symposiums and orientation week! Faciliate easy, accessible communication and coordination among students and staff with dedicated websites and mobile apps, attendance tracking, maps, cashless transactions and custom videos.

Powerful Pairings

Configure automated matching through our buddying system. Match journal mentors with new leaders, incoming 1Ls with student ambassadors, and alumni with students seeking interview practice or networking opportunities.


Build campus pride with a quick and easy way for students and alumni to purchase items. Sell food, drinks and merchandise at events, pop-up shops and booths.

Simply swipe or scan IDs or QR code bracelets for quick, cashless transactions. Students can add money to their accounts at any time.

Interested in learning more? Please do not hesitate to contact us or set up a demo. We'd love to hear from you!