Catch Up with the CampusGroups User Group [Free Download!]

When we launched the CampusGroups User Group more than three months ago, we envisioned a community of educators and administrators sharing ideas, advice, questions, and suggestions for the future of student engagement. Now that we've held our first three meetings, we're thrilled to see that so many others around the globe share that vision.

Our last meeting saw as many as 30 attendees joining our conference call, with more than a dozen of today's top universities and graduate schools represented.

The topic of our conversation was the Surveys & Forms module, one of the largest and most complex feature sets on CampusGroups, capable of streamlining a wide variety of administrative processes.

We walked through the basic functionality of creating a Form, when to use each of the five options available, and how to analyze the results you receive. Our attendees submitted questions in real-time and helped lead our conversation towards the most important points.

Want to catch up on what you missed at the meeting? Click here to download a PDF covering the full discussion on Surveys & Forms. 

surveys & forms.jpeg

We've expanded to 2 different kinds of events: one focused on fostering conversation, the other a webinar diving deep into our product's features.

On Tuesday, July 24, guests joined us for a discussion on Assessment: your goals, challenges, and what kinds of tools would help you build the ideal Assessment program on campus. This meeting was capped at 10 attendees in order to allow for participation from every member.

Then, on Thursday, July 26, we hosted a webinar covering Approval Workflows to dive deeper into some of the questions that arose at our last meeting. The webinar was open to 40 attendees so we were able to invite more of you to learn about this exciting feature.

Interested in joining an upcoming User Group meeting? Current CampusGroups users can RSVP to an event here.  (If you haven't tried CampusGroups yet, start your free 30-day trial and join us at our next meeting!)

We want to thank everyone who has joined us in the User Group so far, and we look forward to meeting more of you at our upcoming meetings.

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